The Juggernaut is a enemy type in Contract Killer: Sniper. It carries a minigun and wears an explosives ordnance disposal suit that soaks up large amounts of damage.

Base DefenseEdit


Juggernauts appear from a Tier 3 base as a permanent enemy in bases. Attacking players will have to kill these machine gun-donning enemies or risk losing the match as juggernauts are a sure-fire way to prevent players from stealing diamonds with ease.


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Stay in cover and avoid being shot up too much. Headshots are most effective versus numerous clips to the body. Though formidable, they are very predictable, use this to your advantage. The minigun they use has a spinup whine before it actually shoots. That is a warning to get to cover quickly. In the advanced stages of the game you might want to leave these for last, as their predictability often means you can accomplish your mission without them even touching you. Wasting time shooting them can leave you exposed to other enemies, particularly on the short range assault rifle battles.

Weapons Edit

The Juggernaut can spawn with the following weapons:


  • Health: Extremely High
  • Damage: Medium
  • Strong Against: Players
  • Weak Against: Tesla Rifles and suppressive fire