Mortara M75
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Based off:


Rank to Unlock:


Weapon Class:

Assault Rifle (Zombies)
Assault (CK2)
Assault (Zombies 2)


640 Gold (Zombies)
Free (CK2, but one needs to find the parts for it)
??? (Zombies 2)


100-350 (Zombies)
High (CK2)
2,260 gold (Zombies 2)


100 (Zombies)
??? (CK2)
??? (Zombies 2)

The Mortara M75 is an machine gun introduced in Contract Killer: Zombies and holds 100 rounds. It is very good for assaulting zombies and for support. It is more powerful than the .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun. It was introduced to Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy later on, but one had to find the parts to build it, unlike in previous games where one could just purchase it from the shop.

Advantages Edit

  • High damage, very high rate of fire. RoF is a bit faster than The Dominator's.
  • 100 rounds. Seriously! Thats enough to take out a lot of zombies.
  • Quick Draw Time

Disadvantages Edit

  • Reload is VERY SLOW, approximately 10 seconds, but its understandable
  • The Price, 640 Gold, also understandable

Appearances Edit

Description Edit

The Mortara M75 is a heavy machine gun designed for taking down hundreds of enemies at a time. It fires high velocity anti-personnel rounds, and features high-capacity belt feeding system.

Trivia Edit

  • It sounds exactly the same as the AR-19 Basic.
  • The Mortara is one of the most recurring guns in the series; the most recurring is the .50 Desert Hawk.
  • Its clip size is half the real world counterpart has.

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