The Hellfire is a Contract Killer Zombies weapon that resembles an M134 Minigun and holds 3
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00 rounds. With one of the highest damage stats in the game, it is a huge weapon which can be used to take down hordes of zombies easily. It costs 995 Gold to purchase. As with miniguns, it does not start firing straight away; a short spin-up time period occurs before the actual firing starts when the fire button is held appears in most contract killer games except the first one.

The Hellfire Limited Edit

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The Hellfire Limited is an upgraded version of the Hellfire, this time sporting a gold finish, has double the capacity, and is more powerful. It also costs 1,000 credits more. Even though the description claims that the deal will end soon, it does not seem likely to disappear from the game.

Stats Edit


Hellfire Limited

Coming Soon...

== Description ==

Hellfire - Coming Soon...

Hellfire Limited - The Hellfire Limited won't be around forever. Buy it today before it's gone!


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