The Triad is one of the few gangs in the Contract Killer series.

The Story of the Triad Edit

The leader of the triad, Kenny Wu was born in China in 1967. At the age of 28, his father Cheng Wu was arrested for robbing the New York Bank. While his father was in prison, he lead the Triad and ran a restaraunt so the Triad would not seem so suspicious. When Cheng was released from prison, he saw what Kenny did to make the Triad look better and was proud because he made the Triad seem unconspicious by using the restaraunt as a cover for their hideout. The thing that upset Cheng was Kenny selling drugs on the street. Every contract killer heard of this, including Jack Griffin, who tracked down the Triad and killed Kenny. He was stopped by Cheng who held him at gunpoint. He was about to shoot Jack until Jack managed to get out his handgun and shoot him in the head. The Triad was then disbanded.