Helicopter mission

Helicopter mission at Club sky.


Vehicle Missions are Missions that require the player to go on vehicles and complete Contracts. There are three main vehicles to go on: The Train, The Helicopter, and The Boat. The mission type is the Kill 'em all type, and completing the mission will typicaly give $8800 cash and ??? XP. Unlike normal Contracts, there is no cooldown time, so you can keep on doing Vehicle missions one after another, until you run out of energy.The Award "Hitchiker" requires you to complete 15 moving vehicle missions. Also, there is a daily co-op that requires you to finish eight vehicle missions in one day.

The trainEdit

Map- Gas station

The helicopterEdit

Map-Club sky

The boatEdit



There is a time limit in vehicle missions, so make sure you spot every enemy fast enough. If you have the credits, it's advised to use a High-tech ID visor, so you can fish out where they are. Even though you fail if the timer reaches 0 seconds, you will have to kill the last enemy before the timer reaches 3 seconds, as it takes some time for the system to figure out you cleared the place.
Out of time train mission

Even though you already killed the last guy, times up.