Jack Tyrus Griffin is the main protagonist of the Contract Killer series.

Jack's Backstory 编辑

Born in America in 1945, Griffin was kidnapped at the age of 30 by the ultimate contract killer Sophie Lacombe. Jack awoke, locked in a room where Sophie Lacombe stood right in front of him. Lacombe then offered Jack a choice: to become one of the best contract killers in the agency or be electrocuted. Obviously, Jack chose to be a professional killer like Lacombe. Lacombe then proceeded to show Jack his first gun which he was to use (for his training), an Assault Rifle. Jack got his gun and and started training. During his training, Jack met one of his teachers; an infamous former contract killer under the alias of Q Branch, who had become a gunsmith and was to provide Jack with not only his smith services, but also to become his mentor in firearms. If Jack had a problem with his gun, Q would be next to him, fixing the problem in no time. Lacombe became his mission briefer and Jack became the world's most efficient contract killer in the world. The three teamed up to become the best gunsmith, briefer and contract killer team out of assassin history.

Other quotes 编辑

  • I've taken down the Cartels. Silenced the Mafia. Gutted the Yakuza. The game has gone international. Higher stakes. Crazier risks. You wanna be a contract killer? You gotta sneak your way in.....shoot your way out.
  • The hell am I doing? Mafia? Triad? Yakuza? Chop off one head, another appears. I'm sick of chasing these high risk contracts. Get myself killed for what?! *snort* Christ...maybe it's time to hang it up.
  • What the hell was that? Some kind of [[1]]? Where did the syndicate get that kind of firepower?
  • Lucky to be alive, lost [ASR|my best rifle]. May be two minutes before the Triad realize I'm not dead on that rooftop.
  • (whispers) Who is this? I'm not having this conversation on an open mind.
  • (whispers) This ain't my first rodeo, [[2]]. You want something? Make me an offer.
  • (whispers) That car better be where you say it is.
  • What's your game?! You walked me into this. Why?
  • This ain't how I pictured Red Square. Tell me again what I'm doing here?
  • Tell you what. I live through this and you can friend me on Facebook, how's that sound?
  • ...and I care b'cuz?
  • Still don't care. I just wanna get my hands on the guy who roasted me in New York.